Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Boys & Girls Love Story

Long Distance Love
Camille and Adrian simultaneously came to the United States from the Caribbean in 1992. They met at Boys and Girls High School in the11th Grade. Adrian had a huge crush on Camille from the first time he saw her walk into the classroom. They remained friends for a while; she would see him in the hallway and smile but rarely gave him the time of day. He wrote the sweetest message in her year book, it said, “Call me when you miss me because I miss you. My number is 1-800-Adrian.”
After high school, their paths crossed at a student rally in Albany. Camille was happy to see him and likewise for him. When Camille returned to Brooklyn after freshman year, they were reconnected through friends. Adrian was able to obtain Camille’s telephone number and he called her. They had a really long conversation and remained in contact. They didn’t start dating until sophomore year of College. He showed up at her home the summer of 1995 to ask her to go out with him and she said yes. Since then, their relationship was long distance from 1995 to 2001. They got married in 2005 in Palm Bay, Florida. They were recently blessed with a baby girl by the name of Zoe. Adrian also has a 20 year old daughter named Vanessa. They love being together and being together is what makes them happy. They love each other unconditionally, their relationship is based on open communication and knowing that life and marriage is what you make it. They do not set expectations for each other. They know what each other is capable of doing. They support each other no matter what the consequences, they learn from their mistakes and make decisions together. They treasure the special moments in their relationship like birthdays and anniversaries. Camille loves that Adrian is a hands-on father.  She also loves that he can cook and bake – what a huge plus! Camille is from St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Adrian is from Trinidad and Tobago. Camille and Adrian currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. Camille is an Engineer and Adrian is a Pilot.


  1. Yes and smart too! I love to see successful black families. Love this blog!