Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loving All That Is In Me

I remember when my husband (then boyfriend) and I began dating, the second time around.  It was at one of the most insecure times of my life because that was when I was transitioning to natural hair.  I was rocking afros, twists, head wraps and I finally bit the bullet and locked my natural hair.
   Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is a tough time for many African/Caribbean-American women.  I remember standing in the mirror for hours thinking that my hair was my beauty and why in the world did I cut it off in the first place. Well the reality was that my hair was merely an enhancement to the real me.  I didn't get it until my boyfriend uttered those three special words, "I love you".  Really?  Even with my crazy, uncooperative hair?  Well, yes, absolutely!  You see, my hair didn't define my heart.  Thank God he didn't buy into the superficial concepts that hair denotes beauty.  He looked at my heart and that's where our love blossomed.  Not on my smile, eyes, or my boobs or butt.  He saw the love that I exuded.  Love of family, love of friends, love of God and somewhere under there, he even saw my love for myself. 
   Without knowing it, he inspired me even more to embrace the natural me and to love the new person that I was becoming.  Our love for each other grew more and more.  On various occasions, he gave me a glimpse of how our lives would be together if we were to get married.  He was supportive, loving, attentive, sensitive and very loyal.  So when he proposed, without hesitation, I said Yes!  In the picture displayed, I just remember being the happiest girl in the world.  Today, six years later, I have no regrets.  I continue to explore love and try my best to promote it every way that I can.  In the end, love is all you need.  Until my next post, sending you love from the sweeter side of life!

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