Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I LOVE Latin Food

So living at the Jersey Shore, I don't get to explore the variety of foods that I love as much as I used to when living in New York City.  There are very few Caribbean, Latin, African, Asian restaurants down here. So when I heard from a few Latinas in my Caribbean club at work that there was a nearby take out restaurant selling Latin food, I was determined to find it!  So a few Fridays ago, my foodie friends Daniela and Anna decided to take a run with me to Egg Harbor City, NJ for Latin Food.  We weren't looking for a four star restaurant with gorgeous furniture and uppity service, just the yummy goodness of rice and beans and some spicy seasoned meat!  We headed to Pepe's in Egg Harbor City, NJ!

Pepe's is a small take out restaurant with about three tables with chairs.  There were no menus, just one woman behind the counter with the food already cooked on display in front of her.  They had empanadas, you could get chicken & cheese, spicy chicken or beef filling.  They had yellow rice and beans, stewed chicken, pepper steak and pulled pork.  I had the rice and beans with the stewed chicken and two empanadas (one with chicken & cheese filling, the other with spicy chicken filling).  Daniela and Anna had the rice and beans with the pepper steak.  Neither of these dishes disappointed!  We were stuffed with yummy goodness by the time we were done eating.  I don't think any of us even ate all of the food because they give you so much.  I had enough to last me throughout the weekend!  We were very excited about the various drinks they had one display. Anna got a Goya Malta, Daniela got a Lime Jarritos and I got a Goya Cola Champagne!  We figured if we were going to break our diets for the one day, we might as well just go all the way!  So there you have it, Pepe's yummy Latin goodness in Egg Harbor City!  Until my next adventure...Chao!

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