Saturday, December 8, 2012

Phillies, Cheesesteaks...oh and Love too!

Erin and Brian were introduced by Erin's sorority sister and friend from college.  One night a group of them decided to go out in Philadelphia.  After just a few dates they realized that they were probably in the same room with each other at least a dozen times over the last 8 years, but for whatever reason never connected on those occasions. They were only together a short time before getting pregnant with their first child and they continued to date for 2 years before getting married. Even though they were only together for a short time they knew right away that they were committed to each other, their family and were looking forward to sharing in all the good times ahead of them.
After a second group gathering they started to date and Erin knew right away that they would be together for a long time. They were just having so much fun on dates to baseball games, the casinos and sometimes just dinner and a movie at home.  Erin knew that Brian was the one for her after a date that she'd planned for his birthday. She had been so excited to plan something special for someone and it ended up being a really great evening. Brian always tells the story of the moment he knew Erin was the one. He had just rented a bobcat to use for a project in the yard.  Instead of getting ready for a group date that they were heading to, he decided to play with the new “toy” he rented. It ended up getting stuck in the mud.  Erin of course being the nice girlfriend went to help him. She asked if he had any extra wood pieces and he wasn’t sure so she just checked behind the shed and found a few pieces.  She shoved them under the tires and helped push the bobcat onto them. He couldn’t have been more impressed with her resourceful skill set and it was love at last.

They’ve been married just under 5 years and have been together for 7 years.  They have two children together, a son and daughter.

Erin and Brian encourage engaged couples to enjoy the process of being engaged and starting your life together by having fun, finalize your wedding plans together and making decisions about your home. Once married, they recommend communicating as much as possible and be willing to compromise.

For young families, they advise that you should trust that the decisions you and your spouse make for your future and for your children are the right ones. Try not to let others influence you and know that you are doing the best that you can. Your children will remember the special moments you’ve created for them no matter what type of stresses were occurring behind the scene.

Erin and Brian are both from South Jersey. Brian is Italian and Catholic and Erin is Italian/Irish and Catholic. Their families are both from South Philly.  They share some of the same traditions associated with that area like attending mummer parades on new years’ day when they were younger, going to Phillies games and never crossing over the bridge without a cheesesteak!

SugaCity Love Tales wishes Erin and Brian many more years of matrimonial bliss!

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