Friday, May 4, 2012

A Working Moms' Tips

How to Prepare for an Event with Children Afoot

February through May are the busiest months for me.  These months ride on the coat tails of the Christmas and New Year holidays.  They happen to be the months that I celebrate several birthdays including my birthday, my daughter, my son, my husband, my niece, my brother and my mother.  This year its been a back to back celebrations as far as my children are concerned!  I love entertaining and celebrating!  However, over the last few years, I'm finding that it is impossibly difficult to prepare for an event and get the results you want with children afoot!  So here are some of the tips that I've picked up along the way:

#1 - Food - IF you can afford it, cater as much of your buffet as possible!  I managed to cater at least half of the buffet for my son's birthday party which had a whopping 50+ guests.  Then I cooked the remainder early on the morning of the party.  Children were still asleep and I was able to utilize the full space of my kitchen before they awoke.  Really saved me a lot of time and headache!

#2 - Recruit help - I happen to be blessed with great family and friends that always pitch in whether it be with food, helping to prepare, entertaining the children while I prepare or even getting them dressed for me on the day of.  Everyone needs help for these celebrations and we should be okay about asking for it as long as we're willing to reciprocate.

#3 - Create a List - I have been doing this since I had children and my mommy brain kicked in!  I've found that it is the only way to stay on top of significant events, even down to daily reminders about buying milk. Check off each completed item/activity as you go.   Children can sometimes throw you off your train of thoughts.  I can't remember everything but my lists will certainly keep me on track!

#4 - Shop for supplies and food in advance - I usually start a couple of weeks ahead of time, to get some things out of the way .  I find that you're not spending a bulk of money all at once (for those on a budget).  Also, I try to shop during my lunch hour or I might take a day off  from work to do all my shopping while the children are in school or daycare.  That way I can shop without any distractions.  Plus, you can check off your list as you purchase each item.

#5 - Finally, try to remember to have fun on the day of!  Pause for a moment and remember, this is your loved ones' special day!  Kiss them, hug them, remember to take a picture with them and make sure that they're enjoying themselves.  The day is after all about them!

So of course it took me several events to finally pick up all these tips.  Being a budget-minded mom and wife, I'm glad to be able to share my tips with others who might be in similar situations.  The key is to create a plan for your event and try to remain organized.  Best of luck on your future events!

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