Friday, May 18, 2012

Maintaining that Sexy Status After Marriage and Children

Hmm...this is a most difficult topic!  All of us wives and moms at some point have had those moments where we look in the mirror and wonder who the heck am I?  The person looking back at us vaguely resembles that person prior to marriage and babies.  Somehow between the midnight feedings, the dirty bottles, the loads of laundry, the morning hustle and bustle out of the house, the family dinners and oh, don't forget - a full time job, we forgot to stay sexy and completely composed at all times.  Let's face it, the role of mom and wife is one heck of a balancing act!  Not to mention the psyche takes on a beating when we don't feel good about the way we look.  Society as a whole already has extremely high standards about how a woman should look especially when it comes to her weight.  So let’s add to the equation those comments from loved ones about our weight and you have a very self-conscious and sometimes insecure woman.  A very bad combination!  See men don't have these worries.  Most of them hardly ever gain weight and if they do put on some pounds, the only comments that they're going to get is in relation to how happy they look!  We women on the other hand, we have “let ourselves go”.  So...after feeling blah and frumpy for a bit, I finally decided to get my sexy back. 

Here's what I did:


Weight-wise, I hadn't gained a whole lot after marriage and children however, I was definitely in need of some discipline in regards to exercising/toning and eating healthy. 
#1 - I created an exercise routine that fit into my extremely busy schedule.  My routine was inspired somewhat by Rihanna's exercise routine.  I do 20-30mins of exercise in the mornings.  I do 70-100 jumping jacks, 5 mins of running in place, 5 mins of jump rope and then 50 sit ups and 50 crunches.  I do my exercises in my bathroom because its spacious, convenient, I can look at my posture in the mirror and a gym membership would be a waste of money for me.  The key to my motivation has been Soca (calypso) 2012!  When the soca comes on I can't help but let my waistline roll and take a jump.  It has become addictive!
#2 – Transition to more healthy eating habits.  I've been trying to eat healthier - more green foods, stay away from the fast food and limit the carbohydrates.  I love carbs, but I am learning to love my waistline even more.

On the cosmetic side, I'm not really a big make up person.  I have never felt the need to be in full make up on a daily basis.  I grew up with the notion that full make up was for special occasions and in a sense I still believe that.  Just call me a naturalista!
#3 - I've been really trying to get some eye shadow and shimmering lipgloss into my morning prep. 

 Where hair is concerned, this is where I struggle!  I live at the Jersey Shore and I have cultivated locs!  There are very few locticians where I live so I find myself heading north to Brooklyn to get my hair done each month, sometimes twice a month with some in between maintenance of my own. 
#4 - I try to get styles done that will last at least 1-2 weeks. High or low buns and tightly rolled spiral curls.

Attire, thank God for my favorite stores, Forever 21 and Ross Dress for Less!  Both stores are fashionable, affordable and convenient.  I may shop at other stores, I never limit myself, but these two are my faves.
#5 - I make sure to buy the size that I am determined to be.  For example, I bought 4 dresses from Ross and they were all one particular size because I refused to buy a larger size.  That way, I have no other choice but to work towards that ideal size.  Plus, summertime is coming and I have to be on point!

GRAND FINALE, date nights...
#6 - Although my hubby is very supportive and hardly comments (negatively) on my looks, I always want to feel sexy for him and keep our marriage fun and exciting even after children.  So these points above have become very important to me even with all the other things I have to worry about.  Being a wife and mom is hard work and these points have become a part of the job for me.  So when we have date nights, that is when I go all out and all of these points come together.  A trim waistline, full make up, a fresh hairdo, and a new outfit!  Combine that with my guy, a trendy Cuban restaurant, some sangria, tostones, empanadas and that's all the makings of a magical night!

Gotta keep up that sexy status!

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