Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sending Love and Prayers to Newtown, CT

Newtown, CT
As I read the heroic stories about the teachers and administrators and see the beautiful faces of the children involved in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident, my heart aches.  Words cannot express how this incident has saddened my heart.  As a parent and educator, I too grieve with this community.  Since I heard of this incident, I have been praying and yet trying to make some sort of sense of it, to no avail.  My blog is all about love and there are two things that I believe our world needs more of and that's prayer and love.  Even as this incident was unfolding, tales of love were being formed.  We now hear tales of love from the teachers who hid their students in closets, cabinets and bathrooms.  Comforting these students as they cried and hoped to see Christmas next week.  I just cant imagine what was going through their innocent little minds and hearts. 

SugaCity Love Tales is sending lots and lots of love to this community and my prayers will continue on during this difficult time of grief.  May their gentle souls rest peacefully.

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