Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

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So it's Valentine's Day and everyone's running around trying to find that perfect gift that says "I love you" for their special someone. Well, hubby and me are not really into all that.  We may get each other small tokens of affections but we don't go all out with the dinners, flowers and chocolates.  See, we do these things on a regular basis.  We like to refer to them as surprises!  Every now and then, we would give the children surprises and we would give each other surprises. We don't need a special day to express love.  Love should be expressed on a daily basis.  So to express my love today yet not go overboard, I got him a bottle of our favorite wine, Tomasello's Ranier White. After the kids go to bed, we can sip on a glass of wine and have our quiet time.  That in itself is the best gift.  Sharing our thoughts, quiet moments and dreaming about the future.  Gifts are material but these moments that I speak of can never be replaced.  So make memories with your valentine and don't let gifts be your primary focus.  Gifts are replaceable but these memories are not.  Enjoy your day lovlies!

Take a look at these wines from some of my favorite wineries - Tomasello & Chaddsford.

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