Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mother/Daughter Tea

For Mother's Day, I was finally able to attend the Mother/Daughter Tea with my daughter at her school.  Normally, we head out of town Mother's Day weekend but this year we stayed at home. My daughter and I were elated that we were going to attend the Mother/Daughter Tea together.  We planned what dresses we would wear and what jewelry we would put on.  We even planned how we wanted our hair. It was our first tea with her elementary school so I was unsure how we should dress.  So I opted on the safe side and we wore dresses.  It was after all, a tea!  Well, let's just say the girls did wear dresses but I felt a little over-dressed among the other moms.  Nevertheless, I quickly got over it and rationed that this was our moment and that we had to dress the part.  We had a fabulous time.  My daughter was given a wand to prance around with for the day.  We ate cookies, donuts, cupcakes, we drank punch and iced tea.  They had a movie playing in the background and a craft for the girls to do.  At the end, they had a raffle and my baby girl won a potted plant to take home.  Check out our pictures and until my next post, sending you love from the sweeter side of life!

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