Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Saving" Things

Lately I've been on this kick about living life to the fullest and maybe it's because of all the news I've been getting about colleagues and extended family members passing away.  But part of me does tend to be somewhat of a free spirit!  Every other month or so, I will get into this mood where all I want to do is hug my family tight and spoil them rotten because "tomorrow is not promised".  Then, I would hear my hubby say something like, "let me save this shirt or this pants for a special occasion".  And this just irks me!
Clothes are made to be worn, gift cards are made to be used, a bottle of wine is bought for someone to sip on, jewelry is made to be worn.  Why do people insist on "saving" things for a special occasion?  Look, the minute I buy a pair of shoes, I already know how soon I will wear them.  My grandmother left me a ton of jewelry, I wear them as often as I can.  Each birthday or for Christmas I get gift cards, I use them as soon as I can.  I have a bottle of wine, I pop it open and slowly sip on a glass to celebrate the little things.  Life is meant to be celebrated.  It's too short and uncertain to "save" things.  Do you know how many stories I've heard about people who saved something and never got the opportunity to enjoy it because they either died, they're gift card/wallet was stolen, they're house got broken into and jewelry was stolen?  People, live your lives and enjoy your things because that's all that they are, THINGS!  We didn't come into this world with them and we can't take them with us into the grave.  So just LIVE!

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