Thursday, October 4, 2012

About Love Tales

Welcome to Love Tales!  Ever meet a solid couple and wonder how they met or what they're doing now?  Ever see a family with two working parents and wonder how they keep it all together?  Maybe you’re just a sap like me that’s always a sucker for a good ole love story!  I welcome you to join me on this intriguing journey as I share the attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy and engagement (stages of dating) that all couples go through to experience the outcome of healthy marriages, relationships and families. In addition, I’ve recently decided to cover other topics relating to love that are near and dear to my heart.  These topics, or tales as I like to call them include Foodie love tales, Mommy love tales, Fictional love tales, Carnival love tales, Inspirational love tales (which range from an immigrants’ journey to the U.S., to stories of struggle, sacrifice and triumph).

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