Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I LOVE Kettle Corn

I have a confession to make....I've fallen in love with Kettle Corn!  How did this come about you may ask?  Well...I took a little trip upstate New York (specifically Warwick, NY) a few weekends ago to attend AppleFest.  Check out the link and put it on your calendar for next year: AppleFest - Warwick,NY.  I don't know about you but there's just something about attending a good festival!  Maybe it's the vendors - crafters, maybe it's shopping outdoors, maybe it's the carnival rides OR, maybe its the FOOD!  As an avid foodie, I pride myself in trying different foods from different regions and the Kettle Corn was a MUST TRY!  Unfortunately, I was so excited to know that there was a vendor selling Kettle Corn that I don't even remember the name of the vendor, but this was like popcorn made in heaven!  It instantly made my insides happy!  Once I started eating them, I couldn't stop.  

I've been to a few festivals in New Jersey and the Kettle Corn has always been a bit burnt.  I've heard that white sugar makes it taste like popcorn balls and brown sugar makes it taste like caramel corn.  So I'm thinking this vendor in Warwick, NY used the white sugar and the one in New Jersey used brown sugar and burned it a bit! So I'm in love with the Kettle Corn that is made with white sugar and salt.  So in love that I headed to the supermarket in search of this snack that instantly makes me happy!  That was the worst thing my office staff could have told me, "They sell it in the stores"!  I drove out to Acme Supermarket with both kids in tow, on a mission!  They had a few brands that you had to pop yourself on the stove. Pop Secret and ACT II were the leading microwavable brands but Pop Secret was more expensive.  So the frugalista in me rationed that if I didn't like the ACT II brand, at least I didn't spend an arm and a leg for it!  This brand surprised me, it was so good I bought three boxes!  Not as good as the vendor from Warwick but still just as comforting.  So the next time you're out at a fair or festival, be sure to check out the Kettle Corn and let me know what you think in the comment box below.  Until my next foodie adventure...Chao!


  1. I love Kettle Corn too. Popcorn Indiana makes a great kettle corn as well. You should try it. Love your new categories!

    1. Thanks Annabelle! I actually just tried that brand the other day and I also love it. It's better than Act II!