Tuesday, May 28, 2013

True Love Once Again

SugaCity Love Tales
Margaret was at her regularly scheduled hair appointment with her favorite hair stylist Bev.  During her visit, she happened to mention that she and her boyfriend Charles had broken up.  Well Bev knowing that Margaret was a great catch, remembered that her friend Daniel had recently broken up with his girlfriend.  So Bev decided to play matchmaker, thinking that Margaret and Daniel were two great people and would really hit it off.  Bev asked Margaret if it was okay to give Daniel her number.  Margaret agreed, thinking it couldn’t hurt to meet someone new.  Due to unforeseen events in Daniel’s life, it took him several weeks to call Margaret.  When he finally did call, they spoke for 2 hours. 
Here’s an ironic sidebar – Daniel’s ex-wife was blonde, so in order for Daniel to forget about her, he made a vow to himself to never date another blonde!  The funny thing is that Margaret (not knowing about Daniel’s vow) started dying her hair from blonde to red, literally, a few weeks before they met.   Your secret’s safe with us Margaret!

Their first date was a blind date.  They were supposed to meet for dinner at Valley Stream Inn in PA.  Margaret was so nervous that it wasn’t until it was too late that she realized she only painted nine out of her ten fingernails.  She told Daniel that she would be wearing a blue and white suit and that she had red hair.  Well she got to witness Daniel’s teasing sense of humor first hand when he bought her red, white & blue flowers.  Immediately Margaret was impressed.  Anyone that could make her laugh was a keeper.  It turned out to be an amazing date. They went on about three more dates, until the unexpected happened.

Margaret and Daniel still had cold feet about getting into a new relationship.  Sometimes it’s hard to break away from what’s comfortable and from someone who’s familiar.  So we trick ourselves into thinking that there was nothing wrong with our exes in the first place.  Margaret’s ex-boyfriend decided that he was a fool and that he wanted to get back with her.  She fell for his song and dance for six months.  But Margaret still had Daniel on her mind.  There was just something about him that she could not forget.  After Margaret went back with her ex, Daniel was sad so he decided to rekindle a flame with his ex as well, but only for a few months.  His mind was also still on Margaret.  A year went by and then Margaret finally made up her mind and decided to call Daniel.  He had since moved to the Jersey Shore.  She invited him to dinner and they reconnected like nothing ever happened.

Both Margaret and Daniel were divorcees who finally found love and never let go.  Before meeting Margaret, Daniel was determined never to remarry.  Thank goodness Margaret came along, because her love completely changed his mind.  They dated for about 3.5 years before they decided to get married.  "When you find a good guy, you're always waiting for the other shoe to drop but with Daniel, it never did."   - Margaret

When I asked Margaret how she knew Daniel was the one, she said, “You know after the first few dates, you know if you can tolerate a person for the rest of your life.”   She knew after the first few dates, because in their own way, they just clicked.

They were engaged in August of 1998 and they married November of 1998. It was a small ceremony, less than 50 people, mostly family and close friends in Pennsylvania.  Their children stood up for them.

They have been married 14 years and together for 19 years.  Margaret has three children, two girls and one boy from a previous marriage.  Daniel had two children, a girl and a boy from a previous marriage as well.

When asked to share any advice that they had for newly married & engaged couples, their response was, “Don't get married for at least two years after knowing the person. The first year of marriage is difficult but you should be who you are so that the person knows the real you.”

When asked to share any advice that they had for young families, their response was, “Keep your sense of humor and remember that little children equals little problems, but big children equals bigger problems".

Daniel and Margaret are of Irish and German descent. They are both from Pennsylvania.  They work in Higher Education and they currently reside at the Jersey Shore.

This is a true testament that you can find true love again after divorce.  I wish them many more years of marital success.

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  1. How adorable. I think I know someone who fits this story.