Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

So most 4th of July holidays, me and my family tend to take it easy either visiting family in Maryland or stay indoors at home.  This past 4th of July we actually created a plan for the day which included various activities in our town.  First, hubby and I decided to clean the house while the kids watched television and had breakfast. Then we all got dressed and went to our local seaport.  I live in a beach town so the seaport is always a close, fun option for us.  Apparently, there was a 4th of July parade in our town and then kids could all head to the seaport for free 4th of July activities.  My little ones wanted to do crafts, so they made fireworks using construction paper.  Then they colored a 4th of July activity sheet.  After the crafts, they went to feed some of the animals at the seaport's petting zoo. My son loved seeing the goats and sheep.  We walked along the seaports pier and the kids were able to play a little bit on the playground.  After the seaport, we had planned to see the movie, Despicable Me 2.  So we drove to our local movie theater, got popcorn and other snacks.  We thoroughly enjoyed the movie!  Mr. Gru, his daughters and his minions were so loveable.  After the movie, we hopped in the car and headed back to our town to see the fireworks!  My little ones just loved to see the brightly colored lights bursting into the air.  It was really a special time that our family was able to just enjoy hanging out in and around our town.  We tend to travel a lot so this was truly a fun, yet laid back way to celebrate our great country.  Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th!  Until my next post, sending you love from the sweeter side of life!

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