Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Are Your Children in Summer Camp?

Image courtesy of Stony Creek Swim Center
This is my children's first year of summer camp.  My little ones are 6 and 4 years old so naturally, I had to find something to occupy them for the summer.  Last year they were with the babysitter which was fine.  She took them on various activities throughout the summer.  A couple of summers ago we went on vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the resort that we stayed with had this huge pool with a slide and everything!  My babies loved it but couldn't really swim!  That for me and my husband was a cause for concern.  Particularly because we can't swim either.  So this summer I decided that I wanted them to learn to swim.  I was introduced to this great camp that is affiliated with my job.  It's called Highland Academy.  Turns out, they provide transportation to swimming lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So I signed my little ones up and I can see the benefits already.  They're making new friends, remaining active and they're excited about going to camp.  Most importantly, hubby and I took them to the lake this past weekend and we could see them applying what they have learned from their swimming lessons.  My daughter was showing me how she learned to blow bubbles in the water and how she can float.  My son looked a lot more confident in the water than before.  The other great part about this camp is that they provide an academic hour in the mornings.  So camp is not all about play!  I love it because I was concerned that they would forget all that they learned this school year but camp has proven me wrong.  So I have them work on one subject at camp and another subject at home with me.  It seems to be working out well!  I do plan to take swimming lessons next year as well.  It's a definite bucket list item for me.  In the meantime, while they are at camp, some of us moms should take a day off from work and consider doing a few of the following activities! :-)

"11 Things Parents Should do While the Kids are at Summer Camp"

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