Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's a Nursing Mom to do?

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Were you or are you a nursing mom?  I can vaguely remember being shamed with looks from some family and friends when I had to nurse my babies.  Thank goodness I had the backbone to "carry-on" regardless of their looks!  My babies needed nourishment from me and no one was going to delay or stand in the way of that.  I never look back on those amazing moments to bond with my little ones with regret.  I often find myself feeling the warm and fuzzies when I see another mom nursing her baby.  I think it's the most natural form of nourishment for babies.  Every mom has a choice to breastfeed or formula feed.  The keyword is "choice" here.  I don't think it's fair to judge, criticize or shame nursing moms.  The weeks and months post delivery are tough enough on new moms.  We should be praising them for taking care of their little ones and providing for their needs.  Check out the article below to see how art director students at the University of North Texas are promoting awareness on nursing moms and breast feeding.

Read article here: Would you eat here?

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