Friday, June 15, 2012

What to do when you want to dance and hubby doesn't?

Come on, I'm an island gyal!  Dancing is what we do, shaking a tail feather is part of we culture...among other things.  So imagine my dismay when Carnival rolls around and hubby says, "nah mon, I can't deal with the Carnival madness anymore".  Really, since when?  You’ve been dealing with it for years helping to put together big trucks for the parades, organizing bands and deejaying parties.  So how all of a sudden it's "madness"?  I'm not saying I'm this big party animal but I do like to enjoy a concert or some sort of Carnival related event for the Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn.  My agenda is merely to go out and dance with my man.  Have a little flirtatious whining session and to feel sexy in our relationship.  Long story short, here are some tips to get that hot and groovy session scheduled:

1. Don't take NO for an answer!
2. Plan your technique in advance. For example, Mother's Day is right around the corner.  I told hubby all I want for Mother's Day is to go out dancing with him Labor Day weekend.  Yes, I had to book my date in May for an event that will occur in September!
3. Make sure you have purchased tickets in advance for your ideal event (boat ride, party or concert).  That way it will be hard for him to back out on you!
4. See if you can get some of his friends or family to tag along. 
5. Make sure you're taking him to a mature event.  You don't want to make him regret saying Yes!
6. Finally, let him know how much you appreciate his willingness to please you.

Enjoy di Bachannal!

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